Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival

I have the pleasure of helping one of the biggest, most outrageous parties on earth each year at Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival! I help manage PR ahead, during and after the event as well as manage a team of photographers and document it myself.

The legendary DJ Derek gave Count Skylarkin his record collection before his sad death. DJ Chris Tofu asked Skylarkin to play a tribute set to him in the amazing Shangri-La at Glastonbury festival 2016. At the muddiest Glastonbury EVER, this captures the magical moment where the sun was truly shining on all those loving his music.

Simon Vaughan, External Artist Co-ordinator, Shangri-La, Glastonbury: “Kate joined our team with enthusiasm and a “can do attitude”, bringing structure to chaos and also some great photography. Constantly coming up with new ideas and also making them happen, a rare gem in a field of munters.”

Song: Funkstar De Luxe – Sun is Shining.

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